Websites – the official Labour Party website – is the new portal to your digital membership card, mobile canvassing sheets, and lots of useful information about the Party – is where you can logon to watch training webinars and find events as well as access really useful information and resources – is where you can order Labour merchandise as well as leaflets and other campaign essentials – Labour Women’s Network, useful for women wanting to be involved with women’s issues and women’s training – The Coop Party support the Labour Party and often MP’s are sponsored by them – if they’re members. You can be a member of both parties – Campaigning group – Stop the War Coalition – Women’s Rights Group which has a very Legal side to it – Britain’s oldest political think-tank – National campaigners against austerity, often arrange transport to protests – research, community organizing & grassroots actions to defeat hate – Party manifestos from 1945 – present for Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative parties (and a few others) – A helpful resource with historical election results, manifestos and even some information on our American cousins politics – Official site of the European Parliament – The campaign to run public services for people not profit – Momentum, the successor to the Jeremy for Labour campaign – The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy – The Labour Representation Committee – Labour Briefing – Socialist writing from an American perspective – “an irreverent look at UK politics” including some fantastic pieces of satire – Labour’s Environment Campaign – bridging the social and environmental movement since 1973


The main internal opposition – The “Old Labour Right” now more known for their sectarian obsession with fighting the left and centre-left, and their slavish support for Israel. Dominated by Luke Akehurst, John Spellar. Very strong in the West Midlands. – The Labour right, unaccountable, secretive and dominated by the very wealthy. Has worked with Labour First to seize control of most levers of power within the Labour Party. Characterised by spin, “flexible” principles, authoritarian control of the PLP.



All That is Solid – Phil Burton-Cartlidge brings his sociological eye to politics, society and media, video games and awful music.

The World Turned Upside Down – Red Labour’s own Ben Sellers and Paul T Simpson blog on politics, literature and industrial action.

100 miles from the sea – Red Labour’s own Rhiannon Lockley blogs on Sociology, Psychology, and cultural theory, with an emphasis on language.

Beeston Leftie – Red Labour’s own Pete Radcliff blogs on the big issues of the day from a Third Camp perspective.

Turning The Tide – Red Labour’s own Chelley Ryan blogs on politics and the Labour Party.