Red Labour Local Groups Links and Admins

Red Labour BirminghamJohn-Paul Treen, Rhiannon Lockley
Red Labour Bradford Altaf Arif, David Pike, Dave Gillian, Richard Dunbar, Sinead Engel
Red Labour CalderdaleBen Sellers, Dave Gillian, Russell Dawson
Red Labour Coventry –  Gavin Lloyd Rick Evans
Red Labour Durham –  Ben Sellers, Paul Simpson, Fiona Ranson, Suzi Williams, Harry Cross
Red Labour Glasgow and The West Martin Patrick Lennon, Mike Hendry, Nathaniel Butler-Blondel
Red Labour Kirklees Dave Gillian, John Newsham, Josh Booth
Red Labour Leeds – Dave Gillian, Hattie Manchot, Jonathon Biggins, Ray Jones
Red Labour North Warwickshire Gavin Lloyd, Rick Evans
Red Labour Northants Cari Spokes
Red Labour Sheffield and South YorkshireLiam J Liburd, Max Munday (both Sheffield), Richard Price (Rotherham)
Red Labour Stockport Charlie Stewart, Dave Gillian, Karen Broady, Liz Marron, Navendu Mishra
Red Labour Tyne & Wear Diane Jones, Daniel Kebede –
Red Labour Wakefield Dave Gillian, Stephen John Wood
Red Labour Warrington – Josh Booth –
Red Labour West Midlands – Asif Mohammed, D J Hanson, Rhiannon Lockley, Sohail Hussain
Red Labour York – Ben Sellers, Barra Ó Riain, Dave Gillian
If you don’t see a local group near you and would be interested in helping to set one up, please get in touch with us.