At Red Labour we understand better than most just how important media plurality is when trying to get to the truth behind the headlines.

Unfortunately, successive governments have ignored decades of evidence which showed the damaging effects of increased concentration of media ownership and power – so much so that one of the set texts for Media Studies students is still “Power without Responsibility: Press, Broadcasting and the Internet in Britain” by James Curran and Jane Seaton – 35 years after it was first published, and now onto the 7th edition.

In defiance of the establishment, and to combat the trend towards monopoly media ownership, new media sources are springing up across the internet (and beyond).

Here are some of our top picks – but never forget to apply your own critical reasoning to anything you read, whatever the source!

Zelo Street – a blog from reporter Tim Fenton. It has a broadly liberal slant with a tinge of leftism about it. It’s pretty even-handed, though, so don’t expect a rabble-rousing call-to-arms loudly parroting left-wing dogma while ignoring our more problematic behaviour. Easily found on Twitter, Zelo Street has been around since 2009, and Fenton is also linked to new media site Byline Media.

Byline – An interesting approach to media bias, Byline brings journalists and readers together to decide on what stories to cover through crowdfunding journalism. Excellent investigative focus at times, with a wide plurality of views.

The Pileus – Avowedly left-wing, this new media co-operative set up by activists in 2016 aims to cover those stories which the mainstream media don’t cover, and thus challenge the hegemonic world-view propagated by the wealthy and powerful. One to watch in 2017.

The Skwawkbox – New media site by a Labour and Co-op Party member who has been blogging since 2012 but come to prominence since the beginning of the Corbyn phenomenon. As the author says, ” The best antidote for bad or deliberately misleading information is good information – so if you think what you read here is good information, please spread the word.”

Another Angry Voice – Independent political and social commentary from Thomas G Clark, particularly notable for his reasoned arguments, excellently referenced/linked sources, and for his independent left wing stance. We particularly recommend his “Political Myth Busting” series of articles, which are an excellent resource.

Rachael_Swindon – Another newcomer who began blogging in 2016 after building a following on Twitter. No-nonsense, plain speaking Rachael has been calling out Tory hypocrisy since day 1 and has been blocked by an impressive number of Tory MPs!

newsPeeks – Exist to uphold the rights of young people to know what is happening in the world, and why. Made up of a small team of filmmakers and journalists, newsPeeks offers a platform to inspire the next generation of political thinkers by producing original investigations, written articles, short viral videos, reports and documentaries. Partners with the Centre for Investigative Journalism.