Red Labour is a network of Supporters who are ordinary members of the Labour Party.


We played a key role in 2015 getting a genuine left wing candidate onto the ballot paper for the Labour Party leadership, and the loose collection of activists began to collectively move from Facebook into the wider political world. In April 2017 Red Labour accepted that Momentum was not fulfilling the organising role that we all hoped that it would, and the group decided to organise on a more formal basis and adopt a constitution.


Collectively, we advocate a clear socialist policy orientation in the Labour Party. We are proud of Labour’s socialist traditions and we work to revitalise grassroots socialism within the Party. Although we campaign both within and without the Labour Party, we are members who believe that it is vital to change the Party from the bottom up if we are to build a serious, socialist alternative in the UK.

You can read our Constitution here


You can find a list of key people within Red Labour here


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