Red Labour’s values:

Red Labour is committed to a socialist vision based on an interventionist role for the state, including public ownership and progressive, redistributive taxation, and to fighting for a socialist future: – Britain is a more unequal society than at any time since the 1930s. We need an enforceable living wage, a decent state pension, council housing, and public services that are run to meet our needs, not sold off for private profit.

  • We need a foreign policy which works for peace, justice and solidarity across the world.
  • All people are of equal value. We believe in fighting all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
  • With global capitalism in control of the political agenda, there is an urgent need for a major shift of wealth and power in favour of ordinary people.
  • The Labour Party was originally set up to fight for workers’ rights, civil liberties and political representation. We must rediscover that desire for political, economic and social liberty.
  • Given resource constraints and environmental pressures, we need a sustainable energy policy based on renewables; the development of affordable public transport, protection against flooding and freedom from fracking, and a housing policy which offers both affordable rental and ownership choices.

These are our basic, bottom line beliefs, but we don’t expect Red Labour supporters to be unanimous on every issue so there isn’t a long list of specific policies that we support. We encourage and welcome honest, open debate where there are differences of opinion within the Red Labour supporters group.

Red Labour is a ‘forum’, rather than a membership organisation. Our aim is to support Labour Party members (and former members, and those who would join the party if it adopted the values we believe in) to:

  • Get involved in local branches and constituencies – not as isolated individuals, but with strength in numbers and to argue for our CLPs to start campaigning and be relevant again.
  • Campaign for better democratic structures and accountability at all levels within the Labour Party, alongside organisations like the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.
  • Challenge the lack of effective democratic policy-making in the Party, as well as working to create policies which better reflect the views of the membership through the National Policy Forum.
  • Initiate and encourage political and economic education and debate in the Party, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Participate in Labour Party consultations, manifesto meetings and regional structures in order to get our voice heard.