I’m alright Jack, everything’s rosy,

I’ve got a nice car and my home is cosy.
I can’t understand why there’s folk on the street
They should go to work and put shoes on their feet.

I’m alright Jack I’ve got plenty of money,
I buy the best clothes and local-sourced honey.
I don’t know why people would use a food bank,
They must be just lazy. They must be all drunk.

It’s alright Jack, bury your head in the sand
What happens when fate plays you a bad hand?
When it’s money for food or money for bills?
When the doctor tells you there’s no money for pills?

What happens when you lose your nice cosy wage?
When your wife is deported? You’re faced with old age?
What happens when you can’t afford your rent?
When your children are crying and your husband went?

Take a look outside your nice cosy home
To the cold and the starving and those all alone.
There’s a movement arising that says these lives matter
We want justice and fairness, we want Britain better.

– Red Labour member Mary Lester


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