Labour is 16 points behind in the polls. Here’s 17 things they could do right now to change that:

1. Find yourself a narrative immediately

“Evidence doesn’t win the day. Jurors go with the narrative that makes sense. We’re here to tell a story. Our job is tell that story better than the other side tells theirs.” – Johnnie Cochran.

2. Use emotion, not endless uninspiring stats

Labour’s last party political broadcast was basically an essay in video form. So much information you end up walking away with nothing. Looks like Labour is investing heavily in script writers and forgetting that words are nothing without the story and emotion behind them. Invest in creative story-telling and use emotion to drive action. Humans connect to stories not numbers and emotion drives people to act. Tell a good story and the facts will come along for the ride.

3. Stop playing defensive. Go hard or go home

You think that the coup would have been a wake-up call.

4. Take risks, you are losing playing it safe

“The President instructed us to double down our efforts, to try to get more innovative and more aggressive. His view was you have this big battle when you think about how you’re going to communicate in the digital space, because authenticity is the coin of the realm in the digital space. But in politics, discipline is the coin of the realm. Sometimes there can be tension there. So we decided to take on additional risk… be very willing to take on risk that under traditional political rules you wouldn’t.”

– Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to President Obama.

5. React in real-time not after the event or weeks later
When the NHS was in crisis, Labour was selling immigration policy. When Trump was being inaugurated, Labour was campaigning for the NHS. What the hell is going on? Act in real-time. If you had plans, change them. This is how the internet age works. And think and plan ahead. Whilst George Osborne was dropping bad news on inauguration day, Labour were launching a nationwide policy. Madness.

6. Where’s the innovation and creativity?

600,000 members. 0 innovation. 0 creativity. Why?

7. Use viral video as press release

“There’s this funny thing where it’s like, if we put out a press release, it is accepted as a proper form of Presidential communication. But if we put out a video, that’s somehow propaganda. The mentality is going have to shift [to acknowledge that] a video is just a more shareable, more enjoyable way of communicating the same information as the press release. Everyone is going to have to adjust to that.”
– Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to President Obama.

8. Attack FFS! Make headlines

Theresa May just dodged the Trident question on Marr and deflected blame by dragging Corbyn under the bus. Attack back, on twitter, straight away. Be sassy, people love sassy side eye Corbyn:

‘.@TheresaMay’s talking about me being a national security threat? When she’s the one firing £200bn nuclear missiles towards Florida!’

‘That’s £200 of public money she’s willing to spend on something that could possible start WW3 with Trump.’

9. Redirect blame from immigrants to the 1%

People are angry about being neglected. They blame immigrants for their woes. That anger cannot be placated, it needs to be redirected. Redirect anger by rebranding the enemy and aggressively attack

10. Use simple inspiring soundbites, not dense alienating waffle

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”

– Albert Einstein.

11. Use Twitter to create headlines and counter in real time

Trump and Bernie are the example. Use emotion. Be simple and in voice. Stream consciousness and react and/or attack.

12. It’s an attention economy, create spectacles online and offline to garner public gaze. Be bold. Be brave. Rock the boat. Repeat: You are not Ed Miliband

Put yourself on the map FFS. Tap into big events. Jez grew and become popular because of the anti-austerity marches. That’s where most young people first heard of him. When Trump was being inaugurated, Jeremy should have been trolling hard. Labour should be representing strong at the Women’s march. People hate Trump. Play on that. May and UKIP love him. What an opportunity to grow new fans.

13. Action not words: Use Momentum to win post-Brexit heartlands by delivering what community needs

“The original vision of the party was to develop a lifeline to the people, by serving their needs and defending them against their oppressors… We knew that this strategy would raise the consciousness of the people and give us their support… They would know that, in spite of the oppressor’s interpretations, our only desire was to serve their true interests; and they would defend us.”

– Huey P. Newton.

14. Treat JC like Jesus, and keep him at one and on the ground with the people

As soon as the Red Cross declared the NHS was in crisis. Jeremy should have been down the nearest hospital helping nurses and doctors.

15. Show don’t tell. Use real stories from real people to show just how nasty Tory party are

Create two minute I, Daniel Blake’s, aimed at post Brexit working class communities instead of middle class liberal audiences in selected cinemas.

16. Use psychological triggers

Oldest marketing trick in the book. Trump does it a lot, when he says ‘believe me’ after uttering a load of BS. Tell people that you will be Prime Minister every day. Place that thought in their mind. Create campaign called “when we become Prime Minister” and get the public involved. Give the public an investment in the election. When Corbyn become Prime Minister, they become Prime minster.

17. Utilise new and digital media

They are desperate for ad clicks, that’s why they gave/give so much airtime to Trump and Corbyn (Corbyn initially, anyway) Create content and feed it to them. Obama sold Obamacare by taking selfies and recording it in a quirky video that was released via Buzzfeed.

Taken from a Facebook post by Bobby.


2 thoughts on “Labour is 16 points behind in the polls. Here’s 17 things they could do right now to change that:

  1. A lot of commonsense and reality-checks here but absolutely no point if we don’t get the coverage in MSM and popular Press. Many of these suggestions have been carried out and Corbyn was enormously successful TWICE in securing support from thousands but with an unprecedented disloyalty evidenced from within sections of the Party at the most crucial of times, this could not be capitalised upon. Whilst these outlets choose to ignore or mislead the public we cannot make headway, and with the behaviour of some within the PLP continuing, Corbyn has little chance of capitalising on his incredible success. He is but one man, but he is the man with the answers that his supporters acknowledge to be the right ones.


    1. This is all true Maureen….but these are the problems we face……now need to work on exploring solutions.

      Just had a chat with my friend, a 90 year old retired GP Corbyn supporter. He said we needed to get simple, one liner arguments and even jokes ( that will be spread) out that will convince the less well-educated – the ones that think immigrants are to blame for Tory austerity cuts.

      The start point is an umbrella theme with those simple messages underneath …..most want change…convince them we can deliver the sort of change they want… for them.

      The media are a huge problem…….but Trump ( I hate ) managed to cut through quite a bit of that portraying them as part of the establishment and using SM. As well as out-flanking the MSM we may try to create stories they can’t ignore.

      Labour and even Momentum are not well geared to generate or gather innovative and creative ideas yet it would be rewarding to put these problems to our 600 000 members to help us find the best solutions. Perhaps they will be the conveyors of Labour’s community messages to out-flank MSM, but whatever happens we need to get organised for a well-planned and coherent grass-roots campaign.


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